As the world commemorate the International Day for Disaster Reduction, Greenpeace Africa Executive Director Njeri Kabeberi has said:

“Greenpeace Africa supports ‘Greening the blue’. Africa has a major role to play in the global efforts to reverse climate change. Protecting its vast natural forest and safeguarding its rich ocean resources is centre to the continent’s contribution in averting the catastrophic effects of climate change.

To work towards disaster reduction, including disaster prevention, mitigation, and preparedness, it is important that the continent works together to push for an end to illegal logging, dirty fossil fuels, unsustainable fishing and a shift from industrial agriculture to ecological farming to ensure that our biodiversity is protected. Together with communities Greenpeace Africa is championing a plastic -free future for Africa.

I want to echo the words of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres that “ It is not impossible to limit global warming to 1.5°C, but it will require unprecedented and collective climate action in all areas. There is no time to waste. ”