Our climate is changing and all over the world we are experiencing more unpredictable and uncertain weather than in the past. Those depending on the weather for their daily bread – farmers and farm workers – are feeling, and will continue to feel, climate change more intensively than everyone else. East Africa has first-hand experience in climate change. It is predicted that long rains will decrease and droughts will be more common, resulting in food insecurity.

In October 2014 we interviewed farmers and members of the organisations that support them in West and Eastern Kenya. Our aim was to identify which practices are being used successfully to build resilience, and alternatively which practices increase vulnerability.

As a result of our research, we have released a report “Building Environmental Resilience – A snapshot of farmers adapting to climate change in Kenya”, which is backed up by a scientific literature review. We will also attend the UNEP Ecosystems Based Adaptation for Food Security Conference, and have created an exhibition at the National Museum in Nairobi.

Resilience Field Report – For Web