Defend old-growth forests

One of Canada’s natural treasures could disappear in 5 to 10 years if we don’t act now. Tell B.C.’s Premier John Horgan to keep his promises and protect what’s left of old-growth forests immediately!

The Problem

British Columbia’s old-growth forests are currently being chopped down at an alarming rate. They could disappear in 5 to 10 years if we don’t act now. [1]

B.C. Premier John Horgan has failed to keep a number of promises, which is fueling environmental destruction. He is still allowing logging in nine “protected” areas in BC. [2]

The province’s forests, territories of many First Nations, are recognised across Canada and around the world as some of the most spectacular on Earth.

B.C. also holds the most biodiversity of any province, with about half of all species in Canada found here. But more than 2,000 species of these animals and plants are now at risk of disappearing. [3]

This environmental destruction impacts us all. Without B.C.’s last stands of old-growth trees, Canada may be unable to meet its carbon-reduction goals under the Paris Agreement. [4]


The Solution

B.C. Premier John Horgan needs to keep his promises to protect what’s left of old-growth forests by immediately putting an end to their destruction.

BC’s old-growth trees are worth more standing. Protecting them is one of the best and easiest ways the province can fight against climate change. [1]

These ancient forests are the territories of many First Nations who should have the right to decide what happens on their lands.

Local communities deserve support in building a resilient conservation economy for the future — an economy fueled by protecting, not destroying, old-growth forests.

Because what happens in the forest affects us all — Take a stand to defend old-growth forests!