Trudie Richards
I’ve decided to include Greenpeace in my will because of the purity of its purpose. How could
anyone resist supporting an organization that exists to promote a green and peaceful planet!
I was associated with Greenpeace as an employee and Board member in the 1990s. I so
admired the tenacity, commitment and humility of everyone there.
I’m fortunate to have a few assets, humble though they are, and it seems so natural to me to
share some of that good fortune with Greenpeace, on my death. I know the money will be very
well spent.




Donna Baines
Some years ago when I was drawing up my will, I tried to think of the best thing I could leave
my kids. I decided a cleaner, safer, kinder planet was the best thing. So I wrote a bequest for
Greenpeace into my Will. Even when I’m not around, hopefully Greenpeace and others like
them will be working to sustain and nurture our planet.




Philippe Dorléans
I’ve made the decision to leave Greenpeace a gift in my Will. The process is so simple, and it’s a
way to apologize for the damage to the planet that my generation is imposing on future
My family and I spoke about me leaving this gift together. They all agree to have Greenpeace
benefit from it because, for several decades, we have never been disappointed by their choices
and actions. So, maybe my modest gift can help Greenpeace reduce deforestation, depletion of
fishery resources, global warming, pesticide pollution, or the risk posed by our nuclear power
There are definitely grounds for hope- anything is possible if many of us do the same!