Impact Report

When it comes to changing systems and mindsets, as Greenpeace endeavours to do, there are many ways to make an impact. In the past year, we have released reports exposing environmental threats, taken non-violent action to increase public debate, investigated and lobbied for the adoption of environmentally responsible and socially just solutions, and more. This Impact Report explores the ways we worked to make a difference in 2022. In it, you’ll find information on our campaigns, including recent milestones and upcoming opportunities. You will also find information about our sources of support—and how that support was spent. Because it’s your contributions that make our work possible. The contents of this report are a testament to everything that we can accomplish when we work together. We hope you are filled with pride and enthusiasm as you read about how your contributions are helping to build a better world.

You can also consult our more recent Audited Financial Statements below :