Vancouver — In response to the new reuse-return cup program launched by the City of Vancouver, Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, A&W, Starbucks, Return-It, Metro Vancouver and Merlin Plastics, the Head of Greenpeace Canada’s Oceans and Plastics campaign, Sarah King, said:

“It’s encouraging to see a major brand like Tim Hortons deliver on its commitment to pilot a reusable cup return program. As the second pilot the company is launching with cross-sector and government collaboration, the company could drive concrete, meaningful change if their reuse pilots become pillars of their business. We urge Tim Hortons to take what they’ve learned and start swapping single-use for reuse swiftly in any and all locations across the country. 

Given the urgency and scope of the plastic pollution and climate crises, the entire sector should be moving towards single-use plastic free restaurants at a far faster pace. Tim Hortons is leading on the reuse pilot in this cross-sector partnership, and Greenpeace calls on other major brands and top polluters, including Starbucks and McDonald’s, to centre reusables across their business. 

This multi stakeholder collaboration is precedent setting, reflecting the need for government intervention and investment to accelerate a shift to reuse systems and reusable packaging solutions. Another clear way to fast track this shift is for the federal government to add single-use plastic cups and lids to the ban list before the regulations are finalized. Single-use cups and other packaging waste and pollution is a Canada-wide problem that needs a Canada-wide reuse strategy — an area that Minister Guilbeault hasn’t prioritized despite a growing reuse movement.”


For more information, please contact:

Brandon Wei, Communications Officer, Greenpeace Canada

[email protected]; +1 778 772-6138

Sarah King, Head of Oceans & Plastics, Greenpeace Canada

[email protected], +1 778 227-6458