Fight Climate Change

Extreme weather events, rising sea levels and droughts are just some of the symptoms of climate change. With the Earth’s temperature increasing, this planet and its people are paying high prices for unhealthy practices. We must act to keep the temperature from rising to catastrophic levels and stabilize our delicate climate. Choices that we make in our everyday lives – such as the food we eat, the mode of transport we take, how we heat our homes – can have far-reaching effects. But this isn’t just about changing personal habits. We must call upon governments, corporations and decision-makers to make significant changes that aren’t focused on profits but on preservation, and by taking industry-wide decisions to move to environmentally-friendly alternatives, including a total shift from fossil fuels to sustainable energy resources and protection of our forests from deforestation and industrial farming practices – all of which are harmful to our climate. As a global community we can act together, take positive steps and reverse the trends that are having such a significant impact upon our world. Join us to build a safer, greener and more just world.