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#Consumption #Plastic Tell Starbucks we want reusables now

Health experts agreed that single-use isn't safer than reusables, but Starbucks announced that it wouldn’t allow reusable cups in its…

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#Consumption #Oceans #Plastic Break Free From Plastic

Coca-Cola, Nestlé and PepsiCo are the world champions of plastic pollution. And it's time for a change. Tell these brands…

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#Consumption #Oceans #Plastic Tell the federal government Reduce and Reuse are key for Canada’s zero plastic waste strategy

The Trudeau government has said it will ban single-use plastics by 2021. We need a strong ban that covers all…

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#Consumption #Plastic Help create plastic-free supermarkets

So much of the plastic packaging and waste we generate we get from our weekly visits to supermarkets. Canada’s major…

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The Smart Supermarket: How Retailers Can Innovate Beyond Single-Use Plastic and Packaging

November 2019

Supermarkets are the places where people encounter the most single-use plastics, and people clearly want change. It’s time to build smarter supermarkets. A Greenpeace USA report, The Smart Supermarket: How…

Throwing Away the Future: How Companies Still Have it Wrong on Plastic Pollution "Solutions"

October 2019

A Greenpeace USA report, Throwing Away the Future: How Companies Still Have it Wrong on Plastic Pollution “Solutions”, warns against the so-called solutions announced by multinationals to deal with the…

The case against Coca-Cola: How the world’s biggest soft drinks company is failing to address ocean plastic pollution

April 2017

As the world’s biggest soft drinks company, Coca-Cola bears a particular responsibility for the plastic crisis our oceans are facing.