Protect the Woodland Boreal Caribou

After 5 years of delaying, provinces and territories have failed to follow through with measures to protect the boreal woodland caribou. Herds have been declining…

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One year ago today, came a critical moment for endangered species in Canada…

After 5 long years, the deadline for provincial governments to unveil their plans to protect the boreal caribou had arrived. Although these caribou have been in decline for decades, the science is clear on what needs to be done. The biggest threat to boreal caribou is industry destroying their habitat, and the most important measure to keep them from extinction is protecting the old growth and intact forests they need to survive.

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So the task was clear. And years given for provinces to research and rally, consult and create, plan and perfect.

The big day finally came…


Not one province came up with a credible plan to protect caribou.

One year has passed since that day. Has the situation improved since then? Let’s look to some “highlights” from the past year:

The situation is urgent. No provincial government has yet taken meaningful action to actually protect boreal caribou from extinction. A number of First Nations have stepped up and taken leadership roles in trying to protect the caribou in their territory. But the unchecked destruction of caribou’s habitat continues from coast to coast.

It’s time now for leadership at a national level. Leadership that the Federal Commissioner of the Environment pointed out has been sorely absent thus far.

Join us now in calling on the Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, to step in and protect the caribou where the provinces have failed.

The movement of people calling for change is growing. We’re not going to sit quietly and accept inaction in the face of a crisis.

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