Forests help stabilize the climate, sustain a diversity of life, provide economic opportunity and are the source of culture for many Indigenous Peoples. Canada is fortunate to have some of the world’s most magnificent and globally valuable forests. The Boreal forest, for example, encompasses more than half of our country’s landmass. It contains vast stores of carbon and freshwater and supports billions of migratory birds and iconic species like the wolverine, lynx and caribou. It also represents the territories of hundreds of First Nations who have been stewards of the land since time immemorial. Across the globe – from Canada to Indonesia – large areas of forests are being degraded, due in large part to unsustainable industrial activities. The need to protect those forests that remain is more urgent than ever. In the face of the crisis, inspiring solutions and compelling arguments are not enough. We need to build a movement of people calling for forest protection, species survival and taking action against climate change. A movement that can support Indigenous Peoples rights, call out corporate exploitation of the planet, and expose government inaction. This is where you come in.