Our oceans are home to millions of awe-inspiring creatures, and part of the cultural heritage of millions of coastal peoples in Canada and worldwide. Life on our blue planet depends on healthy oceans, but scientists warn that sea life could face the next mass extinction. Urgent action is needed to protect all life in our oceans, large and small, and to support people who live by the ocean and rely on it for their livelihoods. Next to climate change, overfishing is the single greatest threat to marine biodiversity. Populations of ocean life are in dramatic decline because of a growing demand for fish. An already out of control industry is hunting sea life faster than it can repopulate, and industrial fish farming is putting wild stocks at risk. In addition, pollution – including plastic and harmful chemicals – is infiltrating food chains, harming wildlife and destroying the sheer beauty of our seas and coastlines. Our oceans need to recover and flourish. With your support, we can take action that protects them. Join us.