From the Ground Up : a toolkit for the Green New Deal

Every week we get new reports of climate breakdown and how our window to act is getting smaller by the day. Our planet is being hit by more extreme weather events like floods, heatwaves and wildfires, threatening our neighbours and communities. But this isn’t the only crisis we face. Canada’s commitments to Indigenous peoples still haven’t been implemented and economic inequality, precarious work, the housing crisis, and rising racism threaten our communities and the social fabric. But hope is not lost. The good news is all around the world people are rising from the ground up to demand solutions to these crises. Thousands of people across Canada gathered in town halls to share ideas and solutions, co-creating a bold vision for a Green New Deal. This exciting plan will help us quickly slash carbon emissions, protect life on Earth, meet the demands of the multiple crises we face, and create over a million good jobs in the process. Support for a Green New Deal is spreading! Together we can create an alternative path that meets the scale of the climate emergency.

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Greenpeace is a non-partisan organization that is not affiliated with any political party or candidate, or platform. Greenpeace’s push for a Green New Deal goes beyond the election period, however Greenpeace Canada is taking diligent steps to comply with Elections Canada requirements of reporting.