Why take action?

We don’t have any time to waste. We are the last generation that can prevent irreparable destruction to our planet and protect our communities.

We are at a crossroads and this is an unprecedented opportunity to build a safe, just and prosperous future for all of us. Eleven years is all we have left to take action to avert climate catastrophe.

United under a vision for a better world, people of all ages and backgrounds are stepping up and taking action in any way they can.

It will take historic leadership and ambition to get there. It will take a mass movement of people just like you to get us there.

We’ve created this action toolkit to equip more people like YOU to make the Green New Deal a reality. This toolkit offers various ways to help – from sharing content, to lobbying our political leaders and bringing people together through creative actions and mobilization efforts.

We have the tools. We have the passion.
Let’s do this!

How your actions make a difference?

We know that in a state of emergency, rapid transformations can occur. We believe that every person matters and that every action counts.

We believe in the power of communities and we trust that when people come together with shared goals, support structures and diverse skill sets — positive change will happen.

With your help, we will reach more people and more organizations to get behind the Green New Deal — bringing it to life. With the election just around the corner, we have the power to collectively put our vote where it counts and to call on our future leaders for climate action now.

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Here are the actions you can do:

Building the movement

Have those important conversations. Spread awareness to encourage more people to sign on to the Green New Deal.

Get people onboard

Talk to your MP

Let’s bring our shared vision for a Green New Deal to political leaders, and challenge them to adopt these visionary policies.


Write a letter to the editor

Your words are powerful. Share your story and garner more support for a Green New Deal.


Organize a community street mural

Use art as a catalyst for action. Reclaim, co-opt and beautify public space for the common good! Get involved by organizing a public mural in your city or town.


Greenpeace is a non-partisan organization that is not affiliated with any political party or candidate, or platform. Greenpeace’s push for a Green New Deal goes beyond the election period, however Greenpeace Canada is taking diligent steps to comply with Elections Canada requirements of reporting.