Senator's Green New Deal Press Conference on Capitol Hill. © Tim Aubry / Greenpeace
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#Climate #EnergySolutions #Oil The Pact for a Green New Deal

Greenpeace Canada is part of a network of workers, artists, Indigenous leaders, scientists, youth, and people directly impacted by climate catastrophe — from cities and…

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When over 100 groups came together to launch The Pact for a Green New Deal in May, we called for town halls to take place from coast to coast, to shape with you a shared vision of a Green New Deal for all.

In less than a month, volunteers organized an astounding 150+ town halls, taking place in every single province and territory. More than 7000 people showed up and shared their ideas.

Here are a few of the things we heard from you, over and over again, that a Green New Deal must include.



What is the Green New Deal

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