Greenpeace EU press briefing – 14:30 – Residence Palace, Brussels

Greenpeace activists project #TTIPleaks documents on the Berlin Reichstag on 2 May 2016

*Greenpeace EU will hold a press briefing at 14:30 CET today in the Residence Palace in Brussels to discuss the findings from analysis of the negotiating texts*

Jorgo Riss, director of Greenpeace EU, said: “Greenpeace Netherlands has made these documents publically available to bring some much needed transparency to the debate on TTIP. We have seen grave concerns for environment and public health confirmed, and invite others with expertise in different areas to download these documents and analyse the impacts of this trade deal. The public has a right to know what is being traded away in their name.”

The classified documents cover 13 chapters addressing issues ranging from telecommunications to regulatory cooperation, from pesticides, food and agriculture to trade barriers.

A Q&A document explaining the release of the documents, including a full list of the documents and what they contain, is available here

Concise analysis of the content of the chapters of the negotiating texts relating to environment and public health is available here: TTIP leaks analysis

*If you would like to attend the press briefing at 14:30 today in the Residence Palace in Brussels please contact the Greenpeace EU press desk*


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