Brussels – Today the European Parliament resoundingly voted for an end to glyphosate use by 2022, with 355 in favour, 204 against and 111 abstentions.

The resolution calls for a staged ban. From 16 December 2017, these uses should be banned:

•    Use of glyphosate by non-professionals.
•    Use in or close to public parks, public playgrounds or public gardens.
•    Use to chemically dry out crops before harvest.
•    Agricultural use “where integrated pest management systems are sufficient for the necessary weed management”.

From 16 December 2022, all remaining uses should be ruled out.

This is an important shift in the Parliament’s position. While today’s vote is for a ban, in 2016 the Parliament had voted for a seven year licence coupled with restrictions on the uses of glyphosate.

Franziska Achterberg, Greenpeace EU food policy director said: “The Parliament clearly says that glyphosate has got to go. Although the phase out periods are longer than technically needed, the Parliament’s proposal is a breath of fresh air. More than one million Europeans and now the Parliament are calling for ban on this dangerous chemical. It’s time for the Commission and national governments to hear this message.”

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