The deal that is struck on the EU’s farm policy will have huge implications for small farmers, public health, nature and the climate.

We wrote to the European Commission, the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and the European Parliament’s rapporteurs on the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy regulations, ahead of the last negotiation meetings to agree a deal on the EU’s farm policy.

The EU’s farming sector is faced with multiple crises which EU policies must tackle coherently and urgently. From the structural lack of viability due to imbalances of power in supply chains and chronic overproduction in several sectors, to the increasing impacts of climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse, many farmers will not survive another decade of business-as-usual policies. And they are not the only victims of the EU’s current unsustainable food system: farmers in the global South, seasonal farm workers, rural communities affected by agricultural pollution, and our fast-degrading natural world also deserve better policies

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