The issue of plastic pollution has garnered increasing global attention in recent years due to its detrimental impact on the environment, biodiversity, and human health. In response to this pressing concern, various initiatives have been proposed to mitigate the adverse effects of plastic waste. One such initiative is the Global Plastics Treaty, aimed at reducing plastic production, ending single-use plastics, and promoting reuse-based solutions on a worldwide scale.

This report presents the findings of an extensive survey conducted across 19 countries, involving over 19,000 respondents, to gauge public opinion regarding the Global Plastics Treaty and related measures. The survey results shed light on the overwhelming support among the public for ambitious action to tackle plastic pollution and transition towards sustainable alternatives.

The report underscores key insights gleaned from the survey data, highlighting widespread endorsement for measures such as cutting plastic production, advancing reusable packaging solutions, and banning single-use plastics. Furthermore, it underscores the public’s concerns regarding the health implications of plastic pollution, particularly for their loved ones and children.

Importantly, the report emphasises the global nature of the support for robust action on plastics, with significant backing observed across diverse geographic regions. Notably, support is particularly pronounced in countries grappling with higher levels of plastic pollution, underscoring the urgency of addressing this issue on a global scale.

The resounding display of public support for decisive action on plastics sends a clear message to policymakers and government officials tasked with negotiating the Global Plastics Treaty. It underscores the public’s expectation for meaningful steps to curb plastic pollution and holds political leaders accountable for addressing this critical environmental challenge. Failure to heed these demands may carry significant political ramifications, underscoring the imperative for proactive and decisive action.