Jakarta— In response to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) voting to incorporate ‘no deforestation’ standards into its Principles and Criteria (P&C), Kiki Taufik, Head of Greenpeace Indonesia Global Forest Campaign said:

“Adopting no deforestation into the RSPO’s standards is an important step towards breaking the links between certified palm oil and forest destruction. However, the new rules will take at least two years to come into effect and right now numerous RSPO members are destroying rainforests with impunity [1]. RSPO must address this immediately if it is to make a real difference on the ground”.



[1] In September 2018, Greenpeace International’s Final Countdown report exposed significant recent deforestation or other violations by 14 RSPO members or associated parties, including Bumitama Agri Limited (on the RSPO Complaints Panel) and FELDA/FGV and IOI, both members of the RSPO Board of Governors. An additional producer group, Gama Plantation is very closely associated with RSPO member Wilmar International.


Sol Gosetti, International Communications Coordinator, Greenpeace Southeast Asia:  [email protected] , +44 (0) 7380845754