Satellite Data Reveal Global Air Pollution Rebound One Year After First Covid-19 Lockdowns

June 2021

In this report, we investigate nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution data from ground level monitors and satellite observations. The analysis compares air quality before the emergence of Covid-19 against pollution measurements…

Toxic Air: The Price of Fossil Fuels (Full Report)

February 2020

This report reveals the cost of air pollution from fossil fuels and highlights solutions that can protect our health and benefit our communities. Air pollution generated from burning fossil fuels…

Double Standard: How Japan’s Financing of Highly Polluting Overseas Coal Plants Endangers Public Health

August 2019

‘Double Standard Report’ reveals the deadly consequences of the double standard, in terms of premature deaths caused by air pollution, and evaluates how many of those deaths could be avoided…

Polluting Paradise

April 2018

How the Celukan Bawang coal-fired power plant is destroying the health and well-being of people in northern Bali.

Jakarta’s Silent Killer

October 2017

How The City’s Dangerous Levels Of Air Pollution Are About To Get Even Worse