“From Sea to Can: 2016 Southeast Asia Canned Tuna Ranking” examines the region’s tuna canneries and the integrity of their supply chains using a 7-point criteria, that sets a score of 70 as the minimum needed for the sustainability and viability of the industry.

This marks the second consecutive year that Greenpeace Southeast Asia evaluates the performance of canned tuna brands in Thailand and canneries in Indonesia and the Philippines – this time, in one combined report.

Just like last year, Greenpeace Southeast Asia contacted the top 12 tuna brands from Thailand, the top 16 tuna canneries from Indonesia, and the top nine from the Philippines.  Greenpeace requested that the companies participate in this year’s survey process, and offered to help each company to accurately complete the questionnaires.

This year, not a single tuna brand or cannery reached the “good” category, which means a score of 70/100 or higher.  Nearly all companies fell somewhere in the “fair” category of 40-69, some barely passing, others in the mediocre middle, and finally, a few falling just short of the “good” category.

Download the 2016 Southeast Asia Canned Tuna Ranking report