Greenpeace is running an international campaign to steer the global tuna industry towards more environmentally and socially responsible sourcing.

Tuna stocks globally continue to experience intense pressure from destructive fishing practices and overfishing. Slavery at sea and human rights abuses are rampant in distant water fishing fleets found in every part of the world. It is vital that we protect our oceans, and the tuna fishing and processing sector is an important part of the success of this campaign.


This is the third version of Greenpeace Southeast Asia’s Tuna Cannery Ranking. We evaluated nine canned tuna brands in Thailand, seven tuna canneries in Indonesia, and seven tuna canneries in the Philippines. In a span of three years, considerable progress has been made by these tuna processing companies in working towards a more traceable, sustainable, and worker-friendly canned tuna industry. Nonetheless, there is still more work to do across the board to fully meet these goals.

Download the full report here: From Sea to Can: 2018 Southeast Asia Canned Tuna Ranking