Climate and Energy

Climate change and the threats of nuclear energy are real. That is why Greenpeace works to bring about a clean and just energy future. Tar sands and nuclear development plague the ecosystems and communities they occupy with safety and health risks. The Energy [R]evolution is a set of ready-to-implement solutions that lead away from the dangers of climate chaos and nuclear meltdown. It is a vision of the clean and just energy future for everyone on the planet.

Tar Sands

Greenpeace calls on oil companies and the Canadian government to stop the tar sands. We call for an end to industrialization in vast areas of Indigenous territories, forests and wetlands in northern Alberta.



Greenpeace fights nuclear power because it poses a serious threat to the environment and humanity. The expansion of nuclear power must be halted and nuclear plants shut down so that we can develop a clean energy future. That's why we are working to stop Darlington in Ontario and protect electricity consumers from a new round of nuclear debt.

Energy [R]evolution

Greenpeace pressures the Canadian government and mobilizes citizens to demand action on climate change. We have developed a comprehensive Energy [R]evolution for Canada. The Energy [R]evolution outlines a clean energy future that challenges the current destructive energy scenario. Join Canada's Energy [R]evolution and support renewable energy to fight climate change.

The latest updates


21 groups petition AER to reject CNRL's second application at troubled Primrose...

Blog entry by mhudema | March 14, 2014

Today 21-groups, representing a range of interests, sent an open letter to Alberta's Energy Regulator (AER) demanding that they turn down CNRL's most recent application to begin high pressure steaming it's beleaguered Primrose tar...

Congratulations! You stood up to tar sands giant CNRL and you won!

Blog entry by mhudema | March 10, 2014 2 comments

We won! (for now) CNRL pulls it's re-steaming application. Nine months ago the first of four unstoppable spills was discovered at CNRL’s Primrose site near Cold Lake, Alberta. A few weeks ago, even though the spills are...

Oil company wants to restart operations at site of unstoppable tar sands spill

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | March 6, 2014

One of Canada’s largest oil companies seems to be unaware of the basic rule we all learned in kindergarten: if you make a mess, you clean it up…. before making another one.  Act now to prevent CNRL from making a big tar sands...

Nine months and still spilling: A recap of the on-going Cold Lake tar sands spills

Blog entry by mhudema | February 12, 2014 1 comment

It’s been almost nine months. You can do a lot in nine months. In nine months you can make and give birth to a baby. For Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL), all they’ve done at their Cold Lake tar sands in-situ site is spill...

Is the Alberta government’s ‘Tar Sands is King’ attitude silencing doctors?

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | February 7, 2014

When we get sick, when we experience symptoms that we’ve never seen before, we rely on doctors to tell us what’s wrong. We rely on their knowledge and training to diagnose our symptoms and tell us how to get better.  When Peace...

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