Climate and Energy

Climate change and the threats of nuclear energy are real. That is why Greenpeace works to bring about a clean and just energy future. Tar sands and nuclear development plague the ecosystems and communities they occupy with safety and health risks. The Energy [R]evolution is a set of ready-to-implement solutions that lead away from the dangers of climate chaos and nuclear meltdown. It is a vision of the clean and just energy future for everyone on the planet.

Tar Sands

Greenpeace calls on oil companies and the Canadian government to stop the tar sands. We call for an end to industrialization in vast areas of Indigenous territories, forests and wetlands in northern Alberta.



Greenpeace fights nuclear power because it poses a serious threat to the environment and humanity. The expansion of nuclear power must be halted and nuclear plants shut down so that we can develop a clean energy future. That's why we are working to stop Darlington in Ontario and protect electricity consumers from a new round of nuclear debt.

Energy [R]evolution

Greenpeace pressures the Canadian government and mobilizes citizens to demand action on climate change. We have developed a comprehensive Energy [R]evolution for Canada. The Energy [R]evolution outlines a clean energy future that challenges the current destructive energy scenario. Join Canada's Energy [R]evolution and support renewable energy to fight climate change.

The latest updates


Five Signs of a Greener More Affordable Energy Plan

Blog entry by Shawn-Patrick Stensil | December 2, 2013

Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli will release his government’s latest Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) today.   But this will be more than just an energy plan.  With an election expected in the spring this LTEP will be a plank in...

Twenty tar sands companies responsible for one sixth of all man-made global warming...

Blog entry by Keith Stewart | November 21, 2013

Twenty members of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) are jointly responsible for almost one sixth of all CO2 and methane emitted by human activity since the dawn of the industrial age. And the fact that we now know...

Greenpeace goes to court to slay a nuclear zombie

Blog entry by Shawn-Patrick Stensil, nuclear campaigner | November 12, 2013 1 comment

We’re in court today to kill a nuclear zombie.   Lawyers representing Greenpeace, Northwatch and Lake Ontario Waterkeeper will ask a federal judge to overturn federal approvals permitting Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to proceed...

Confidential documents detail oil industry lobbying to weaken greenhouse gas rules

Blog entry by Keith Stewart | November 8, 2013

Documents obtained by Greenpeace (using Alberta’s Freedom of Information Act) show that the oil industry has been lobbying for the weakest possible greenhouse gas regulation for their sector. Oil companies have spent millions to...

Why I chained myself to Kinder Morgan's tar sands tanker terminal

Blog entry by Keith Stewart | October 17, 2013

Yesterday, I chained myself to the gate of Kinder Morgan’s oil tanker-loading facility in Metro Vancouver alongside my new friend Ben, while 14 fellow activists entered the site to shut it down for the day as part of a protest against...

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