Thato is a Greenpeace volunteer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She’d like you to do the same, to ACT for a cause close to your heart and here’s why!

“I decided to volunteer for Greenpeace Africa because of the environmental issues we are facing and that made it easy to want to show my support and compassion by doing something.

I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s activities. I attended the Non-Violent Action (NVDA) training which was informative and extremely fun. The training was based on learning how to portray a message using passive and peaceful methods. I joined the NVDA training because it was appealing to me to learn how to deliver a message that can be ‘sweet or sour’ to a targeted person or group, without using violence. This is the type of training that is not only for actions but for all other aspects of life.

I attended the Greenpeace Africa  staff retreat which gave me a better understanding of the structural and administrative side of the organization. Also, it gave me an opportunity to meet the faces behind such a great organization. I attended because I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about the NGO and to network.

We had a banner-making afternoon, which was a great way to get crafty whilst getting to know the other volunteers. I chose to be a part of the banner-making afternoon out of curiosity. The experience was eye-opening because my own ideas of how banners are made were completely different to how they actually are made.

By far, my biggest highlight this entire year is being able to interact with people who are proactive in helping the environment. Also, the bonus was that they were and still are pleasant to engage with and generally be around.

In all honesty, being a Greenpeace Africa volunteer this year has been nothing short of fantastic moments that have helped me better myself whilst supporting a great cause. I would definitely encourage anyone to realize what their passion is and start volunteering. There is a euphoric feeling in knowing that you are a part of an active motion that intends on preserving the environment for our future generations.

It is also an opportunity to be exposed to new and different things that expand one’s perspective and knowledge. Being a volunteer is not only great on paper but it also adds to one’s character – teaches you to truly stand up for what you believe in.

Rosalynn Carter once said, “There is clearly much left to be done, and whatever else we are going to do, we had better get on with it”. Having said that, waste no time and start volunteering.

Enjoy your festive season safely!”

Join her here, become a Greenpeace Africa volunteer in a city near you, there’s lot’s to do!


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Hi . I've been reading about Green peace and the work that you people do I am based in Durban KZN and some of my work colleagues and I would like to volunteer. I work for Kerry food ingredients in hillcrest and I am a part of the sustainability team as we take sustainability very seriously. How do we go about volunteering. As part of the sustainability team we have initiated recycling at our company . However some employees don't take it so seriously so I would like for the company to volunteer to see the bigger picture and take sustainability and recycling seriously.


Good Day Juhaira. Thank you so much for the message. it is good to hear all the great work you are doing. I have sent our Mobilisation officer your details and he will contact you soon. Please sign up to be a volunteer on our volunteer page: Have a great day.


NVDA is good strategy i think it Will be Nice if it conducted every year in Greenpeace Africa countries


Continue doing a great job