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09 April 2021, Johannesburg — Yesterday, the African Development Bank consulted with African Heads of State seeking advice on how to accelerate climate adaptation. In response, Greenpeace Africa has said:

“Climate adaptation investments are urgently needed for a continent that is expected to experience more intense and irregular weather in the 21st century, as science indicates

“The most important agenda item for any meeting between African heads of state and the African Development Bank is how to implement a rapid and just transition. 

“African leaders need to focus more on building resilience to extreme weather events rather than filling up a piggy bank for rebuilding post-disaster. Urgently reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and transitioning away from fossil fuels is essential to safeguarding communities across the continent and ensuring food security in future decades. 

“Climate adaptation requires political will to tackle the threats posed by the climate crisis. For food security to be achieved in Africa, there needs to be an increase in capacity, skills and efficiency. Embracing ecological farming and building on traditional farming methods will help to increase food security over aid dependency song communities that are exposed to the impacts of extreme weather events.”


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