Johannesburg, 27 July 2016 – Massmart, Pick n Pay and Woolworths have indicated their commitment to lobby for an enabling framework that will allow for renewable energy expansion in South Africa at a round table discussion organised by Greenpeace. The three retail heavyweights met with Greenpeace to determine how best retailers could go about lobbying for renewable energy

The three retailers will be looking to increase their participation in the regulatory sphere and as such will request access to key energy policy documents that are currently forming blockages to renewable energy investments in South Africa (specifically, the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) update, and the release and finalisation of the small scale embedded generation regulations). The retailers have agreed to the need for a holistic sector approach that includes financial mechanisms and regulatory frameworks to create an enabling framework for renewable energy going forward, and have agreed to focus on lobbying for this.

“A collective response from the retail sector to lobby for an enabling environment for renewable energy investments is critical in moving forward and expanding on the renewable energy sector.  The commitment from the top 3 retailers (Massmart, Pick n Pay and Woolworths) is an important milestone for the ‘Renewable Energy Champions’ Campaign said Penny-Jane Cooke Climate and Energy Campaigner for Greenpeace Africa. 

The move from the retailers is a follow-up action in response to the report “Shopping Clean: Retailers and Renewable Energy”  that was launched by Greenpeace in April this year. In this report the five biggest retailers in South Africa were ranked against each other in terms of their current investments and commitments to renewable energy. The report forms part of the broader renewable energy champions campaign which aims to get retailers to commit to a 100% renewable energy future. 

“Lobbying for the barriers to renewable energy to be removed is one of the key criteria that retailers are ranked on and is an essential component for a 100% renewable energy future. Greenpeace welcomes this bold move by the three retailers and looks forward to seeing the lobbying strategy of the sector evolve. We are pleased that these three retailers have agreed to engage with industry associations”, continued Cooke.  

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