Yaounde, October 06th 2021/ Cameroonian authorities recently intercepted and destroyed just over 42 tonnes of non-biodegradable plastic that transporters were attempting to smuggle into Cameroon at night. Greenpeace Africa welcomes this initiative and calls on the authorities in Yaoundé to double their efforts to abolish plastic.

The Cameroonian government has just destroyed 42 tonnes of non-biodegradable plastic in Garoua, in the northern region. This large quantity of plastic was seized in this city during the month of September by Customs officers at the disembarkation of two canoes. According to an article published by the newspaper Ecomatin, this large shipment of 531 bales was intercepted during the night of 19th to 20th September 2021 as part of the Halcomi 3 operation.  

In 2012, Cameroon issued a decision banning the use of non-biodegradable plastic packaging of less than 60 microns, which came into force in April 2014. “Almost eight years later, these plastic bags continue to be used as packaging in markets and unfortunately end up on the street after use. Eventually, they end up buried in the ground and in waterways. This process has been repeated over the years and contributes to the clogging of drains and other waterways in our cities, which leads to an increase in flooding experienced across the country in recent months,” says Ranece Jovial Ndjeudja, Forest Campaign Manager at Greenpeace Africa. Indeed, the 2012 joint decree did not lead to the desired disappearance of plastic from counters in Cameroon, but rather to an increase in the price of plastic packaging. “The Ministry of the Environment must be more rigorous in enforcing the law banning the use of plastic in Cameroon. It has the necessary means. We hope that this good action will continue as the State has all the means to enforce a strict plastic ban towards a cleaner and healthy plastic -free future” adds Ranece Jovial Ndjeudja.

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