Mboa Hub, the Cameroonian subsidiary of Planet One was officially launched on Friday, February 17th, 2023 in the city of Yaoundé. This training center will provide young activists with free tools to be more effective in the field of Climate Justice and environment.

Yaounde, February 24th, 2023/ About fouty young people from various backgrounds were mobilized on Friday, February 17 in the premises of Planet One in Yaounde, as part of the official launch of this initiative in Cameroon. The Cameroonian subsidiary of Planet One is called Mboah Hub. This  pilot project is being set up with the help of Greenpeace and Fryshuset with the aim of creating a level playing field for young people aged 15 to 25 around the world to engage in climate justice and environmental issues.

Mboa Hub is a learning center that will provide youth with training and workshops to develop skills to better address climate change in their communities. Free space and equipment for youth groups to book and use for their events. This space also has the mission to build the capacity of youth to generate the birth of several climate movements in Cameroon. It is also a networking space at the local, national and global levels. “We hope that with the establishment of this space, Cameroonian youth will be better equipped to propose solutions to environmental problems in their various communities.  We hope to see more youth engagement on climate.

Mboa is Cameroonian slang for “house, home, land” in the Duala language.   “This name was chosen to tie a global initiative with our local background. The objective here is to allow each Cameroonian youth to find  his or herself himself in the project. As the name suggests, this is the home of all young Cameroonian climate activists.” Add Rex Andoh. 

For the next few months, training projects will focus on climate justice, advocacy, innovation, youth capacity building, among others. Mboa Hub has a dozen trainers with diverse profiles to meet the needs of young people 

Planet One is based in Cameroon and five other countries in the world (Kenya, Armenia, Sweden, Hungary, South Africa.) In Cameroon, Planet One’s offices are located at Montée Chapelle Obili, a neighborhood near the University of Yaoundé I. 

To listen to the audio reactions in French and English of the project leaders.

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Luchelle Feukeng
Chargée de la Communication, Greenpeace Afrique
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Rex Andoh
Coordinateur National Planet One
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