03 April, Johannesburg – Responding to news that Eskom has been exempted from disclosing irregular and fruitless expenditure in its annual financial statements, Greenpeace Africa Climate and Energy Campaigner Thandile Chinyavanhu  said: 

“Minister Godongwana has made a baffling decision which completely disregards the needs of the people of South Africa. At first glance, it gives Eskom free reign to avoid transparency, and most people in South Africa will understand it as such.

“The government has put the cart before the horse and stumbled over both by publishing the exemption first and promising a technical explanation later. South Africa needs action, not smoke and mirrors, and most certainly not more corruption from Eskom. 

“The announcement has raised more questions than answers. Government needs to answer for what this means in terms of the State of Disaster; for Eskoms’s environmental, climate, and social mandates; and how transparency will be ensured at Eskom going forward,” ended Chinyavanhu.


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