Nairobi 7 June 2019 – Responding to president Uhuru Kenyatta’s pronouncement to ban single-use plastic products including plastic bottles and straws in all protected areas effective June 5  2020, Greenpeace Africa’s Senior political Advisor Frederick Njehu has said:

“With this ban Kenya will be a step closer to fulfilling its commitment to the United Nations Environment Clean Seas Campaign, which seeks to counter the consequences of plastic  pollution in the seas and oceans.

“Half of all plastics wastage emanates from plastic packaging, and much of it is thrown away within just a few minutes of its first use. When discarded in landfills or in the environment, plastic can take up to a thousand years to decompose.

“Research shows that  94% of the plastic that enters the ocean ends up on the seafloor; Barely 1% of marine plastics are found floating at or near the ocean surface; and that 5% ends up on beaches. Greenpeace Africa is calling on the president to issue a total ban on all single use plastics in all areas to curb the plastic crisis.

“Greenpeace Africa calls on the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) to come up with stringent measures to ensure that there is 100%  enforcement come June 2020. NEMA and all the stakeholders should also conduct country-wide consultations towards coming up with new regulations on single-use plastics to include other single use plastics  such as bottles, straws, plastic cups, spoons, folks, plates and packaging materials.”

Media Contact:

Hellen Dena, Communication Officer – Greenpeace Africa, [email protected], +254 717 104144