Nairobi, 22 October 2019 Greenpeace Africa commends Laikipia county’s move to invest in 40MW solar energy plant. Investing in clean renewable energy sources will facilitate increased access to modern energy that is essential to Kenya’s human and economic development especially for the majority off-grid communities.

Currently, Kenya posits Africa’s largest single wind power facility. Investing in more renewable energy projects will provide Kenyans with a much better future, safeguarding people’s livelihoods, while avoiding the toxic impacts of pollution.

The development of renewable energy will enable growth of cottage industries that are important for our economy to thrive, creating new jobs, assuring healthier lives and livelihoods and enabling savings in fuel costs for many Kenyans. 

In addition, renewable energy sources will help Kenya mitigate climate change, especially in this era of climate emergency, while honouring its Paris commitments. 


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