International Convention Center Occupation. © Shayne Robinson
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Pretoria, 17 Feb 2020 – Ten Greenpeace Africa activists are waiting to appear this morning at the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court. The team of activists were arrested yesterday afternoon after running onto the SuperSport Park Stadium cricket pitch wearing superhero costumes during the international T20 match between England and South Africa. The activists also dropped a banner from one of the stadium’s floodlights with the message: “Toxic air is not just a game #BowlOutAirPollution.”[1]

The activists aimed to highlight the 13 000 premature deaths caused by air pollution from burning fossil fuels.[2]


[1] Sunday’s press release can be found here.

[2] The report and press release can be found here.

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Chris Vlavianos. Greenpeace Africa Communications Officer, 079 883 7036, [email protected]