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Annual Report 2018

November 2019

Every year has its lessons, and 2018 brought with it major victories as well as challenges for Greenpeace Africa (GPAF). It was the second year of our three-year strategic plan…

Greenpeace Africa responds to the appointment of Nomvula Mokonyane as new Minister of Environmental Affairs

November 2018

“Greenpeace Africa takes this opportunity to congratulate Minister Nomvula Mokonyane on her appointment as Minister of Environmental Affairs, as announced today by President Cyril Ramaphosa. We would however like to…

Greenpeace Africa Celebrates A Decade Of Environmental Activism

November 2018

Johannesburg, 13 November 2018 – This November, Greenpeace Africa celebrates 10 years of environmental activism on the African continent. Partnering with artists, volunteers and other civil society organisations, the environmental…

Message from Greenpeace Africa Executive Director on the passing of former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan

August 2018

Following the news of the passing of former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Greenpeace Africa Executive Director Njeri Kabeberi has said:

Greenpeace Africa calls For a Thorough Investigation into the Death of 8 Rhinos

July 2018

Nairobi, 17th July 2018 - Eight out of 14 critically endangered black rhinos have died after being moved from the Nairobi and Lake Nakuru national parks to a new sanctuary…

Maiden Machakos Farmers Network

May 2018

To the west of Nairobi, sits a beautiful, hilly, semi-arid county. It is named after Masaku wa Munyeti, an Akamba chief. Welcome to Machakos home to Iveti hills.

Greenpeace Africa Executive Director calls for Peatland protection after visit to DR Congo

May 2018

Kinshasa, 10 May 2018 - Good morning to you all and thank you all very much for taking the time to meet with me today. It is a pleasure to…

Greenpeace Africa in Solidarity with Nakuru Residents

May 2018

Nairobi, 11th May 2018 - Following the disaster that struck residents of Solai village in Nakuru on 09 May 2018 and killed over 40 people and left hundreds homeless, Greenpeace…

I can still feel the enthusiasm of our Cameroon volunteers!

March 2018

As I stepped out of the plane at the Yaounde international airport, the humid twenty-eight degree Celsius (28⁰C) midday temperature engulfed  my face and though perspiring, it gave me the feeling…

Pressing forward with Greenpeace Africa: gender parity worth emulating

March 2018

A question that keeps lurking in my mind in our competitive world is: “Does gender equality make the world a better place?” I will say YES! It’s saddening after how…

Greenpeace Africa critiques the budget speech failure to support a new energy future

February 2018

Johannesburg, 21 February 2018 - Responding to Minister of Finance Malusi Gigaba’s budget speech, Greenpeace Africa’s Political Advisor, Happy Khambule has said:

Greenpeace Africa’s Executive Director Wins a Prestigious Human Rights Award

January 2018

Nairobi, January 30, 2018: Greenpeace Africa’s Executive Director, Njeri Kabeberi, has won the 2017 Munir Mazrui ‘Lifetime Achievement Human Rights Defenders Award’ in a ceremony organised by the National Coalition…

Greenpeace Africa in total solidarity with the People of Sierra Leone

August 2017

Dakar, 17 August 2017- Following the disaster that struck Freetown on 13 August 2017 and killed at least 312 people and thousands of homeless people, Greenpeace Africa expressed its compassion…

2017 Annual Report

May 2017

In 2017, we laid the groundwork for an environmental movement in Africa. Overall, Greenpeace Africa had a great year and we are looking forward to an even more impactful 2018,…

Greenpeace ships: Warriors at Sea

February 2017

1971. This was the year it all began. You’ve heard the story about how a boat load of (very brave) volunteers and journalists sailed to Alaska to stop the American…

#BridgesNotWalls: It’s Time for Solidarity, Love and Hope

January 2017

This Friday, January 20th, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, after a year when the politics of hate, fear and division blossomed…

Njeri Kabeberi appointed as Greenpeace Africa Executive Director

September 2016

Johannesburg, September 25, 2016: Kenyan born Njeri Kabeberi, has been named as Executive Director for Greenpeace Africa after an extensive search for a combination of skills required to drive the…

Greenpeace turns 45!

September 2016

Today Greenpeace Celebrates its 45th anniversary. 45 years ago a group of men and women found in them the courage to establish what has now become an internationally renowned environmental…

Embracing Change - Shaping the Future

June 2016

This annual report provides a summary of the activities carried out in different parts of Africa in an effort to curtail some of the pressing environmental challenges of our time,…

2016 Annual Report

April 2016

For Greenpeace Africa, 2016 was critical in defining a new pathway, a new trajectory and a new beginning for Greenpeace on the continent. READ more in our 2016 Annual Report

Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey

January 2016

Dear Friends,  As I look out my window here in Amsterdam, winter is nearly here, and with it comes the retreat of another year, and the passing of what has…

2015 Annual Report

March 2015

The year 2015 brought change to the heart of what we do at Greenpeace Africa. It was a defining year across the global organisation — marked by the active implementation…

2013 Annual Report

June 2013

This annual report provides a summary of the activities carried out in different parts of Africa in an effort to curtail some of e pressing environmental challenges of our time, including: climate…

2011 Annual Report

April 2011

We highlight some of our 2011 historic moments, not counting the UN climate talks in Durban or what we got up to on the historic Goree Island in Senegal. These highlights were…