May 11, 2018 (TORONTO) – In response to Minister McKenna’s recent comments comparing the upcoming G7 plastics charter to the Paris Climate Agreement,  Greenpeace Canada plastics campaigner, Farrah Khan, said:

“It’s worrisome that McKenna is comparing the upcoming G7 plastics charter to the Paris Agreement, since her own government is working to undermine the agreement by pushing through the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Our hope is that the G7 plastics charter will truly prevent plastics from polluting our landscapes, rivers, lakes, and oceans by calling for legislation to phase out the production of single-use plastics, holding corporations responsible for the full lifecycle of the packaging they produce, and investing in reusable, innovative and sustainable alternative product delivery systems. If we’re to reverse the plastic pollution crisis, the government must take the upcoming G7 plastics charter much more seriously than they’ve taken the Paris Agreement.”


For more information:

Loujain Kurdi, Communications Officer, Greenpeace Canada,, 514.577.6657