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Nestlé, Tim Hortons, PepsiCo., Coca-Cola, McDonald's... Let’s turn the tide on plastic pollution by calling on these five corporations to move away from single-use plastic!

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On World Clean Up Day:  

Greenpeace Canada conducts coast-to-coast Plastic Polluters Brand Audits

Results to be announced  in October.

12 September 2018 (VANCOUVER/TORONTO/MONTRÉAL/HALIFAX) — As part of World Cleanup Day, Greenpeace Canada will be partnering with organizations in four cities across Canada to conduct the first ever Plastic Polluters Brand Audit of Canada’s shorelines and green spaces. Brand Audits identify the major corporations whose plastic waste is polluting Canadian communities, waterways, lakes and oceans.

September 15th will witness cleanup brand audit events in Vancouver, in collaboration with Surfrider Vancouver; in Toronto in collaboration with Don’t Mess With The Don, Stop Plastics, and Strawless Toronto; and in Halifax with the Ecology Action Centre. Branded plastic waste will also be collected from a cleanup conducted by Mission 10 Tonnes volunteers in Montreal to conduct an audit. These events will take place alongside dozens around the world led by Greenpeace and other organizations in the Break Free From Plastic movement. For the occasion,  world-renowned diver Torben Lonnes wrote this special edition blog where he shares the plastic pollution that the diving community is witnessing underwater.

The results of the global and national audits will be released at the beginning of October. Members of the press are encouraged to attend the events to capture images of the story as it unfolds, for a chance to talk with our campaigners as well as volunteers about our brand auditing methods and the purpose of these activities.

DETAILS: On Saturday, September 15th, 2018

  • VANCOUVER : at 11:00 AM-1:00 PM PDT on Kits Beach 1252 Arbutus Street, Vancouver.
  • TORONTO : at 10 AM- 3 PM EST (under the Overlea Bridge)  on Don River in E.T. Seton Park, Toronto. 
  • HALIFAX :  at 8:30 AM-3:00 PM ADT. Event location to be announced September 15, at 10 AM. For questions, please contact: Dave Ireland, Ecology Action Centre, (1) 647 821 5803.
  • MONTRÉAL : Greenpeace Canada will be auditing on September 16th the waste collected in the Saint-Lawrence river by the volunteers of Mission 10 Tonnes.

As part of the audit events, Greenpeace will join a global social media campaign tagging the waste back to its corporate owners using #IsThisYours.


Photos & Videos of Plastic Polluters Brand Audits in Canada.

Download our Community Cleanup & Brand Audit Toolkit

Check our petition to participate in Canada’s consultation here.

For all media related queries, to request photos or to book interviews, please contact:

Loujain Kurdi, Greenpeace Canada, loujain.kurdi@greenpeace.org, 514-577-6657.