Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming U.S. election, polling shows that the Trudeau government should ramp up its climate ambition and deliver the investments in renewables and green jobs preferred by Canadians.

TORONTO — A new poll by Environics, commissioned by Greenpeace Canada, shows that, by a three-to-one margin, Canadians want the federal government’s recovery agenda to prioritize investments in renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. This belief was held by 68% of people, including 56% of Albertans, but especially by lower-income households making less than $40,000 per year (78%). Only 22% of Canadians felt fossil fuels should be prioritized.

Last week, Minister Freeland reiterated her government’s support for a green recovery, while also noting that whatever happens in the U.S. will “be significant for Canada” and that the government has “spent a lot of time carefully analyzing what either outcome would mean.” 

“Climate change is a top issue for Canadians from all walks of life. These poll results make it clear that Canadians want the economic recovery from covid-19 stay focused on clean energy and green jobs instead of fossil fuels. Now more than ever, no matter what happens south of the border, Canada’s government must show independent leadership in moving forward with the ambitious climate action people across this country are demanding,” said Keith Stewart, Senior Energy Strategist. 

However, according to Greenpeace’s poll, a minority of Canadians (46%) are confident that the federal government will deliver on the plans and priorities laid out in last month’s Throne Speech.

Other key insights:

  • 87% of Canadians rate prioritizing federal investments in jobs that protect nature and the environment as being important, including 55% who believe it is “Very important”. 
  • Lower-income households (those making under $40,000 per year) were more likely to rate jobs that protect nature as “Very Important” (64% of respondents with household incomes under $40,000 compared to 50% for households making more than $80,0000).
  • 62% of Canadians believe that “now is the right time” for the federal government to address long-standing problems like inequality, climate change and racism.
  • Canadians’ preferred measures for finance the economic recovery from covid-19 include taxing the biggest polluters (35%) or the wealthiest Canadians (31%).

See the full poll results here.


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