Vancouver – In response to the federal government’s announcement on a Pollution Prevention Planning Notice (P2 Notice) for plastic packaging that comes into direct contact with food, Greenpeace Canada’s Head of Oceans and Plastics campaign Sarah King, said: 

“We are encouraged to see the federal government focus zero plastic waste efforts on a hub of plastic packaging — the retail sector. We’ve known the role that retailers play in our collective plastic footprint, and the opportunity they present to drive a shift away from our single-use packaging disaster. The government’s emphasis on encouraging reuse systems is positive and crucial, but in order to accelerate the necessary transition to a reuse-based economy, reuse targets must be clearly prioritized above downstream measures, and coupled with an overall reduction in plastic use and production as the north star. The negative impacts of plastic across its lifecycle and on human health, must be heavily factored into the development of the P2 plans.”


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Brandon Wei, Communications Officer, Greenpeace Canada

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