VANCOUVER – In response to the Federal Court decision today overturning Canada’s single-use plastic ban, Greenpeace Canada’s head of oceans & plastics campaigns, Sarah King, said:

“This decision is a step backwards for the environment, but will just cause backlash for Big Plastic. Big Plastic thinks it operates in a silo where it can keep producing and profiting amidst the pollution and climate crises surrounding it. The industry expects the public and the planet to keep dealing with its toxic mess while taking no accountability. But Big Plastic is grasping at straws with this lawsuit because it knows that a global movement of people, businesses and governments are charting a course to a future that doesn’t revolve around fossil fuels and a throwaway economy. As global governments convene in Nairobi to negotiate a UN Global Plastics Treaty, the attempts by industry to thwart progress reinforces the need for greater regulation of this destructive industry. We urge the Canadian government to appeal this decision and continue to take strong measures to achieve zero plastic waste by 2030 and support an ambitious Treaty that helps accelerate a just transition to a reuse-based economy.”


For more information, please contact:

Brandon Wei, Communications Officer, Greenpeace Canada

[email protected]; +1 778 772-6138

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Canada’s single-use plastic ban only covers 3% of plastic waste. We need a ban list that matches the scale of the waste and pollution crisis!

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