Greenpeace Canada stands in solidarity with the Unist’ot’en Camp and Gitdumt’en Checkpoint against the injunction brought on behalf of the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline project. The project is an unwarranted, unwelcome encroachment on Wet’suwet’en lands.

The injunction ignores the jurisdiction and authority of Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs, who did not consent to the construction of the pipeline, and criminalizes Indigenous Land Defenders.

We urge the B.C. and federal governments to respect Indigenous land title and engage in true Nation-to-Nation relationships with Indigenous Peoples, including the Wet’suwet’en hereditary leadership. We urge all levels of government to stop the criminalization of Indigenous Land Defenders who are asserting their authority over their own lands. The Trudeau government has repeatedly endorsed reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and action to stop climate change —it’s time to prove that these are not empty promises.

Greenpeace Canada is a part of an international environmental campaigning organization supported by millions of people around the world who want to build a green and peaceful future. We recognize that the current state of environmental injustice has, in great part, been caused by the heedless exploitation of traditional territories where Indigenous Peoples’ rights and authority have been marginalized or eroded.

In recognition of this, and of the ongoing efforts of Indigenous Peoples worldwide to protect land, water and air, Greenpeace Canada calls on all levels of government to support the just restitution of outstanding Aboriginal Rights and Title issues as an integral part of the process of developing an ecologically and socially sustainable society. We further call on our supporters to sign the pledge to support Unist’ot’en Camp and help fund their resistance.