(MONTRÉAL) – In response to the Ontario NDP’s proposed private member’s bill announced today calling for a ban of single-use plastics in Ontario, Sarah King, Head of Greenpeace Canada’s Oceans & Plastics Campaign, said:

“The Ontario NDP is proposing the sort of bold action that is required to reduce plastic pollution at the source: banning throwaway plastics. This is a powerful bill that recognizes the danger of plastic pollution both to our environment, to our Great Lakes and to our health and sets out real measures and a clear timeline to eliminate single-use plastics. Greenpeace and thousands of Canadians strongly support the NDP’s call to the Ontario government to ban various problematic and unnecessary single-use plastics starting in 2020, working towards a full ban by 2025.”

In its announcement, the NDP acknowledges that recycling alone would never be enough to solve the plastic pollution crisis, that Canada must move away from single-use plastics, and that all levels of government must stop allowing plastic producers to create single-use plastics that continue to fill up landfills.

“The real litter bugs are not the people of Ontario but the corporations who flood our lives with single-use products. To end the flow of plastic waste into our environment, we need to stop the production and sale of these products. This bill sets a clear agenda towards achieving this and tackling plastic pollution at the source,” added King.


For more information, please contact:

Philippa Duchastel de Montrouge, Communications Officer, Greenpeace Canada, pduchast@greenpeace.org; + 1 (514) 929-8227