Coca-Cola is the biggest producer of plastic bottles in the world, producing over 100 billion plastic bottles every year.

But Coke isn’t taking responsibility for the huge amount of single-use plastic it’s producing – and billions of its bottles are ending up as litter, on our beaches and in landfill.
We want to show Coke the true extent of its plastic pollution but we need your help. 
Next time you spot a used Coca-Cola bottle that’s been discarded somewhere it shouldn’t be (i.e. anywhere that isn’t the recycling bin!) share it with Coke!
All you need to do is take a picture of the bottle (or bottle cap) and follow the instructions below:

Share on Instagram

Upload your photo to Instagram and tag @cocacola or @cocacolaEU.To increase the chance of Coke seeing your post add hashtags #EndOceanPlastics, #ShareACoke, #CokeSummer and #TasteTheFeeling

Share on Facebook

Upload your picture to Facebook and tag @CocaCola. Alternatively, you can go to Coca-Cola’s own Facebook page and use your photo to comment on one of its recent posts.

Share on Twitter

Simply upload your picture to Twitter and tweet @CocaCola and @CocaColaEP and use #OceanPlastics (and #ShareACoke for the Coke emoji!)

Don’t use social media or haven’t spotted any bottles near you?

You can still drop an email to Coke’s CEO.



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