Along with 225 scientists, finance experts and NGOs, we wrote to the European Commission to criticise their draft rulebook for sustainable finance, which suggests that fossil gas does no harm to the environment, and therefore could be included as Sustainable for Finance under the EU Taxonomy. These are baseless claims and are opposed to climate science. Introducing fossil gas in the EU taxonomy is firmly against the recommendations of the Commission’s Technical Expert Group and caves in to the demands of the gas lobby.

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Life of nomads with their reindeer in Komi Republic, Russia. People and animals suffer under oil spoiled drinking water due to oil industry and leaking pipelines. Das Leben der nomadischen Rentierzuechter in der Komi Republik im aeussersten Nordosten Russlands. Ihr Trinkwasser ist durch die Oelindustrie und lecke Pipelines verschmutzt.