Greenpeace blocks Shell refinery in Rotterdam port

October 2021

More than 80 activists from 12 EU countries used fossil fuel ads from all over Europe to block the entrance to Shell’s refinery in the port of Rotterdam, calling for…

Households to lose out as European Parliament looks set to back volatile gas

September 2021

The European Parliament is set to prolong fossil gas subsidies until almost the end of the decade, locking in climate-wrecking emissions and exposing energy bills to more price volatility.

Open letter: NGOs to refuse invitations to speak at fossil-fuel sponsored media events

September 2021

Sixteen European civil society organisations will no longer accept invitations to speak at media events on EU policy sponsored by fossil fuel companies.

Invisible methane leakages all over Europe fuelling the climate crisis

June 2021

Alarming new images of significant and unaddressed methane leaks taken in seven European countries reveal industry negligence, regulatory ignorance, and a hidden climate disaster, writes Silvia Pastorelli.

Romania’s top polluter seeks €1.3 billion EU bailout for more coal & gas

May 2021

The Romanian government’s proposal for CE Oltenia’s restructuring is a test of the European Commission’s commitment to align state aid with the European Green Deal. Approving CE Oltenia’s current restructuring…

EU must protect journalists from legal intimidation

May 2021

The 3rd of May is World Press Freedom Day. Greenpeace and 20 other environmental and press-freedom organisations wrote to Commissioner Jourová, asking for an EU law to protect journalists and…

EU must not label gas as green

March 2021

Along with 225 scientists, finance experts and NGOs, we wrote to the European Commission to criticise their draft rulebook for sustainable finance, which suggests that fossil gas does no harm…

Leak: polluters gut EU green finance rules

March 2021

Major concessions to polluting industries under new EU sustainable finance rules, leaked on Monday, would stab the EU green deal in the heart, said Greenpeace.

Paragliding activists land on ECB to expose support for fossil fuels

March 2021

Brussels/Frankfurt – Activists on paragliders landed on the headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt on Wednesday, on the eve of a meeting of the ECB’s governing board,…

The hypocrisy of the fossil fuel industry’s “genderwashing”

March 2021

Climate breakdown and pollution hurt women more, but fossil fuel companies use International Women's Day as a branding exercise.

EU Commission sleight of hand keeps money flowing to dirty gas

December 2020

The European Commission’s proposed update of the rules for Europe’s energy networks leaves the dominant role of the gas industry untouched and public money still flowing to dirty gas

EU governments cling to fossilised world order, Greenpeace

December 2020

Brussels, 11 December 2020 – A deal to creep up the EU’s climate target for 2030 at a summit in Brussels exposes a reluctance by governments to follow the science…

Hot air balloon activists blast EU’s inflated climate promises

December 2020

Brussels – With the European Union’s climate credibility hanging by a thread, activists floated a 27-metre hot air balloon at a make-or-break summit on Thursday to warn that governments are…

ECB’s new bond purchasing worth €500 billion exacerbates the climate crisis

December 2020

Frankfurt/ Brussels – The European Central Bank (ECB) governing council today approved new bond purchasing worth €500 billion. The bank’s decision, while responding to the economic crisis triggered by the…

Burning gas and trees labelled as ‘green’ in EU Commission’s sustainable investment rulebook

November 2020

Brussels – The European Commission has opened the door to funding for polluting gas, bioenergy and cars by classifying them as ‘sustainable’ in a draft rulebook on green investments, known…

EIB’s climate promises go up in flames

November 2020

Brussels – The European Investment Bank (EIB) board of directors approved a climate roadmap for 2021-2025 that fails to require all companies and intermediaries receiving funding to adopt adequate decarbonisation…

Gas prepares to cash in as MEPs back €672.5 billion coronavirus recovery fund

November 2020

Brussels – MEPs in the European Parliament’s budget and economic affairs committees are today expected to open up the possibility for the fossil fuels industry to access an unprecedented €672.5…

Fossil fuels could tap into EU green recovery funds with MEPs' support

November 2020

On Monday 9 November, in a crucial joint vote, the European Parliament’s economic affairs committee and the budgets committees will decide how to allocate €672.5 billion in emergency coronavirus recovery…

Letter to MEPs on excluding fossil fuels from the Recovery and Resilience Facility

October 2020

The Green 10 – the ten largest environmental networks in Europe – have called on the European Parliament to exclude fossil fuels from the EU recovery fund, the Recovery and…

Why relying on offsets won't stop climate breakdown

October 2020

The European Union urgently needs an emission reduction target in line with science that does not rely on an increasingly fragile nature. Accounting tricks that allow governments to compensate carbon…

ECB’s purchasing policies skewed towards carbon-intensive industries - report

October 2020

Brussels/Frankfurt - A new report reveals how the ECB’s proclaimed "market neutrality" policy actually skews the bank’s corporate bond purchases in favor of carbon intensive industries. Decarbonising Is Easy: Beyond…

MEPs vote to exclude fossil fuels from coronavirus recovery fund

October 2020

Brussels - MEPs in the European Parliament’s environment committee have voted to exclude fossil fuel investments from the €672.5 billion Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), the largest fund under the…

EU Parliament holds key to Europe’s green recovery

October 2020

As Europe continues to be a global hotspot for the coronavirus pandemic and its economic and social impact, the EU is moving ahead to agree an unprecedented recovery fund of…

Polluters profiting from pandemic bailouts

October 2020

How the fossil fuel industry is using the COVID-19 crisis to capture public funds and lock in dirty energy

1.5°C is the limit! Activists urge EU ministers to raise climate target without accounting tricks

September 2020

Berlin - Ten Greenpeace activists greeted EU environment ministers arriving for a meeting in Berlin with a four-metre high image of a burning planet and the words: “1.5°C is the…

EU Commission’s 2030 climate plan trying to negotiate with nature, Greenpeace

September 2020

A European Commission analysis to back up its climate plans for 2030 has revealed an attempt to fudge its target to cut EU-wide emissions by at least 55%, said Greenpeace,…

Politics trumps science as von der Leyen fiddles EU climate goal, Greenpeace

September 2020

Brussels – Ursula von der Leyen has backed a revised EU climate goal at her first ‘state of the union’ speech as president of the European Commission, where she outlined…

EU governments pass up opportunity for green and just recovery - Greenpeace

July 2020

Brussels – As the first face-to-face EU summit since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in Europe ended, Europe’s leaders have failed to exclude access to EU recovery funds for…

EU recovery money should fund green economy, not polluters

July 2020

Civil society representatives called on European leaders meeting in Brussels today to use taxpayers’ money to fund a just and green recovery, not polluters.

Just Transition Fund must provide a just, green and fair transition, not line industry pockets — Greenpeace

July 2020

Brussels, 6 July 2020 – Today the European Parliament Committee on Regional Development

EIB stumbles in self-proclaimed mission to become EU climate bank

June 2020

In an open letter published today, on the eve of an EIB stakeholder meeting, 34 organisations, including Greenpeace, call on the bank to align its lending and client portfolios with…

€4 trillion to save Europe: historic opportunity or too good to be true?

June 2020

Three months ago it would have been impossible to imagine that over €4 trillion could be made available to revitalise Europe. European governments are putting €3.4 trillion on the table…

Polluters set to cash in as EU summit mulls coronavirus recovery, Greenpeace analysis

June 2020

As European government leaders meet online on Friday to discuss EU plans for a coronavirus recovery, new Greenpeace analysis has found that polluting industries are expected to benefit from economic…

ECB injects over €7 billion into fossil fuels since start of COVID-19 crisis

June 2020

Brussels/Frankfurt - Greenpeace analysis shows that between mid-March and mid-May 2020, as part of its response to the coronavirus pandemic, the European Central Bank (ECB) purchased corporate bonds worth almost…

Bankrolling the climate crisis

June 2020

Greenpeace analysis: ECB corporate bond purchases during the coronavirus pandemic.

Patchy at best: EU unveils coronavirus recovery plan – Greenpeace

May 2020

The European Commission’s €1.85 trillion recovery plan is contradictory at best and damaging at worst, said Greenpeace.

Three tests for Europe’s Covid recovery plans

May 2020

As the European Commission and many European governments decide on recovery plans worth trillions of euro, Greenpeace warned that ‘green growth’ - as touted by Commission President Ursula von der…

EU Commission must not take climate advice from BlackRock

April 2020

92 NGOs wrote to European Commission President von der Leyen, and Executive Vice-Presidents Dombrovskis and Timmermans, to urge them to cancel the recently concluded contract with BlackRock Investment Management. This…

EU ‘green’ funds should be limited to countries with coal phase outs – Greenpeace

January 2020

Access to EU ‘green’ funding must be limited to governments committed to coal phase out dates, said Greenpeace, as the European Commission released a €1 trillion investment package for the…

Activists take climate emergency to EU summit

December 2019

*** Action photos and videos will be uploaded here. Committing future generations to climate neutrality isn’t enough, Greenpeace Brussels, 12 December 2019 – 62 activists representing seven European countries have…

European Green Deal misses the mark

December 2019

Brussels, 11 December 2019 – The European Commission officially presented its plan for a European Green Deal today. Greenpeace warned that although the volume of policies is impressive and the…

Open letter to Commission President von der Leyen on the European Green Deal

December 2019

Greenpeace sent a letter to Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and her team, calling on them to use the European Green Deal to restructure the economic system that for…

EU report warns pursuit of ‘growth’ is incompatible with environmental protection

December 2019

Brussels, 4 December 2019 – The European Environment Agency (EEA) has warned in a new report that “Europe will not achieve its sustainability vision of ‘living well within the limits…

Gas slips through as EIB slashes fossil fuel funding

November 2019

Luxembourg/Brussels – The European Investment Bank (EIB) will limit funding for new fossil fuel projects starting at the end of 2021, but some gas infrastructure will continue to be eligible…

Report: Big Oil and gas buying influence in Brussels

October 2019

With money and meetings, subsidies and sponsorships, the oil and gas lobby is fuelling the climate disaster Read the full report here Since 2010, just five oil and gas corporations…

Big oil spent over €250 lobbying the EU

October 2019

Brussels – The world’s five big oil and gas majors and their lobbyists have spent at least 251 million euro lobbying the EU since 2010, new research reveals [1] –…

189 civil society organisations call for fossil-free politics

October 2019

189 civil society organisations support a statement declaring “we need a firewall that protects our democratic institutions and our decision-making from fossil fuel industry interference: no more private lobby meetings,…

Timmermans grasps scale of radical climate action needed, stumbles on substance

October 2019

Brussels – Incoming EU commission vice-president Frans Timmermans’s vision of the radical economic and social changes needed to tackle the climate crisis is promising, but he stumbled on some key…

EIB: stop funding fossil fuel projects

October 2019

Greenpeace joined over sixty other NGOs in sending a letter to the President of the European Investment Bank, Werner Hoyer, telling him to stand firm behind the proposal to stop…