Brussels – Following ‘Der Spiegel’ article [1] about a leaked new EU proposal to fund nuclear energy research, Greenpeace EU energy policy adviser Bram Claeys said:

The suggestion that public funds should be used to support nuclear research in Europe is a denial of reality: nuclear is a failed technology and represents a dangerous waste of time and money in the fight against climate change.

Take the Hinkley project: despite the promise of massive subsidies for two new reactors at Hinkley Point, in the UK, it is uncertain whether French-based energy companies EDF and Areva will actually be able to deliver, because of mounting costs and technology failures. The EU has also invested massive funds chasing the utopia of nuclear fusion technology, resulting in delays and spiralling costs.

Europe does not need nuclear energy to back the development of renewables. Just in the past few weeks, Germany and Portugal were able to temporarily meet close to all their electricity demand with renewables. Europe should be investing in more renewables and stop wasting money on the nuclear delusion.


[1] Der Spiegel article, 17 May 2016.


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