Letter to EU leaders by environmental organisations.

[…] “In the coming days, weeks and months, a debate will take place on the most important question facing the EU: how do we live up to these values and ensure that the policies, structures and institutions that were created to uphold them can do so effectively in the face of fear, alienation and misinformation?”

“As ten of the leading environmental networks active at European level, with a collective membership of over 20 million citizens, of whom a significant number live in the UK, we will certainly need to become better in making the case for the values and benefits EU policies have brought for its citizens’ health and wellbeing. This includes cleaner air, water and beaches, thriving wildlife, safer substances and green energy, to name but a few. These benefits should be communicated loud and clear and all the time, not only in the face of an imminent UK departure from the Union.” […]

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