The meat and dairy industries in Europe have a problem. More and more people are cutting back on their steaks, their minced meat and their chicken wings – or cutting them out completely. Slowly but surely meat consumption is decreasing, and the industry is desperate to find a way to reverse this trend.

The EU is spending millions of euro to promote meat and dairy

The meat and dairy industries in Europe receive millions of euro of public money every year – money that they use for promotion campaigns to, as they say themselves, “avoid the predicted drop” in consumption of meat and dairy products. A recent Greenpeace report shows that, in the last five years, the European Union spent €252.4 million to promote European meat and dairy products – far more than they spend on promoting fruits and vegetables.

How can you join to end this meat-madness?

From the 8th till the 10th of June, you can join the online demonstration together with people from all over Europe and tell the European Commission to stop spending public money on ads for meat and dairy. Here is how to join: