The year 2016 was a year of uncertainties. But it will go down in history as a year of resistance when hundreds of thousands stood together to defend their rights. 2016 was just the beginning. People are rising up. I share the belief that a revolution is underway.

Here in our region, Greenpeace was at the forefront of Southeast Asia’s growing civic movement, supporting grassroots groups and mobilisations in different countries. Our work is gradually building a momentum for citizens to secure the future of their region through the power of many.

This work is not without risks, particularly in the political context of our region. But hope, courage and conviction shine through. Armed with hope, we can dream, armed with courage we act, and armed with conviction, we will win. Working with grassroots communities has shown time and again that hope, courage and conviction cannot be defeated. And when groups and communities who carry these with them come together, change is inevitable. So we are at the brink although we face unsettling times, we know that we are in the brink of a profound transformation.

We at Greenpeace Southeast Asia are helping drive this transformation, one step at a time, armed with the countless acts of courage made by people who are walking together with us in this journey.

The legal complaint we filed against fossil fuel companies is gradually changing the playing field for the millions of people impacted by climate change around the globe. Our continued fight against coal-fired power plants in the region is igniting more and more communities to resist this dirty fuel. A major court victory in Indonesia has stepped up the fight against polluting factory discharges. Our work to pressure the world’s largest tuna company to come clean is poised to break ground for a landmark corporate commitment. Our work with communities is changing mindsets and corporate behaviour to ensure stronger forest protection. And a pioneering food policy in the Philippines rooted in ecological agriculture may soon be underway.

The journey has not been easy, nor do we expect it to be easy in the years to come. For many people, myself included, this is a very personal journey. But throughout this struggle, I have been constantly inspired by modern-day heroes; ordinary people who have done the extraordinary. The collective power of all these people is tremendous. And when they rise up to resist the status quo and act to make a green and peaceful future possible, we know that the future of our planet and its people are in good hands.

Thank you for being with us in this journey toward a green and peaceful world.

Yeb Saño
Executive Director
Greenpeace Southeast Asia

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