GPSEA Annual Report 2017

2017 was a challenging year for many around the world and so it proved for us at Greenpeace as we worked to meet those challenges head-on. But for us internally it was also an exciting year as we inaugurated our new office

in Malaysia, more than a decade and a half after starting work in the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. We believe Malaysia will prove to be a crucial territory in the battle to defend the environment across the region. This expansion was three years in the making, but beyond the work it took to turn this office into reality, the most crucial part was people – the volunteers, supporters and staff who believed in us, joined us and stood with us right from the very beginning.

This for us is Greenpeace: it is a community of believers. Throughout the history of Greenpeace Southeast Asia, we have seen this community come together time and again to defend the environment in our region and beyond, guided by a shared vision of a green and peaceful world, speaking in one voice for nature and her people.

We are proud to report on the progress in our work in the region in 2017 undertaken by this community of dedicated individuals.

As a global organisation, Greenpeace is always prepared to respond to the varied conditions in our fast-changing world. The situation is no different in Southeast Asia where our work in four countries spans hundreds of millions of people in starkly different settings and cultures. We are awed by how our community continually raises the bar in its work

in the region to overcome obstacles and win the battle
for the environment. Our past accomplishments show that trust in the work that we do and the way we do it – through peaceful and creative confrontation – remains strong.

We pledge to continue raising the bar, pushing forward and breaking boundaries.

Download the annual report by clicking the cover or from the link here.