Forest Crime File: Corporate Crimes, april 2003.
Engelstalige publicatie over illegale houtkap door houtbedrijf CIBEC in Kameroen

Auteur: Greenpeace, CED

Omschrijving: In 2001 and 2002, the Cameroon logging company CIBEC, controlled by Dutch
businessman Jacco Ravenhorst, carried out a large scale illegal logging operation in the
rainforest of south-west Cameroon. CIBEC’s logging operations caused economic losses to
the Cameroon government and local communities and created social conflicts and forest

CED (Centre pour l’Environnement et le Developpement) and Greenpeace visited the area
logged by CIBEC in December 2002.

The Netherlands is the main market for CIBEC timber; it is thus very likely that CIBEC’s illegal
timber has been laundered into the Netherlands’ legal timber trade. One of the main timber
species that CIBEC exports to the Netherlands is azobé, a very durable hardwood, popular in
the Netherlands and throughout Europe for marine constructions and railroad ties.
In the Netherlands, timber trader Hupkes is marketing CIBEC timber on the Dutch and
European market. In the past years, Greenpeace already criticised Hupkes for trading timber
from Hazim, a Cameroon company involved in large-scale illegal logging, and from OTC, a
Liberian company linked to illegal arms trafficking.

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