To help our governments to get started with eliminating overcapacity, Greenpeace has identified 20 of the most destructive and oversized vessels operating under EU flag.

The vessels in this report are representative of the type of vessels that governments should aim to remove from fisheries that operate at overcapacity.

This report sheds light on how a number of industrial fishing barons recklessly use a wide range of ruses to circumvent regulations and extract maximum profits.

They do so irrespective of the consequences of overfishing and mounting crisis in our seas. These tactics include frequent flag changes, including the use of so-called flags of convenience, the use of front companies and tax havens and taking advantage of personal connections to decision-makers. All this is done to gain access to a wide range of fishing opportunities, subsidies, weak governance and political influence as possible while channelling the resulting profits back to the parent company.

Download hier het rapport: